Homege for the insect

homage for the ınsect 
please imagine that hundreds of colourful butterflies are flying around you. (how nice would it be to record this scene in your mind). now, imagine that hundreds of cockroaches would walk around you; why did you felt disgust?
a question ı read was as follows: would you pluck the wings of a butterfly to win a free–of-charge-holiday for? so, would you pluck the legs of a cockroach for a free-of-charge-holiday? for which answer you spent more time to thing? did you spent more time to think, because the butterfly has coloured wings and because you find it pleasant? whereas both are insects, both are alive, both can walk around the area in which you are live and both doesn’t harm you! (ıt was not proven that cockroaches have diseases vectors). why do you smile when a butterfly lands on your plate, whereas you are screaming when a cockroaches is coming?
both animals are a part of the eco-system. like all creatures as they are speeding the restructuring of other wastes in their environment for the return into the nature, they feed with others and are becoming a prey of others.
the only creature that damages the ecosystem is the human being. please remember, due to imbalance settlement, the leave of a “certain bird species” of that region can cause the replicate of an insect with which the bird feeds and that can lead to destruction of the forest!
beware of thinking that ı am a member of the c.p.a. (cockroach protection association). ı just try to explain, that each live should be evaluated “without prejudge” and with respect, because each of them is a miracle itself.
whereas all creatures are dying when their heads are detached; cockroaches can live one week after detaching their head. they are dying of thirst because of they don’t have a mouth. their sensors on the back site of their stomachs are very sensitive. they perceive danger 54 per thousand seconds and are running away. you can’t be faster while lifting up your house shoe! they can hold breathing for a longer time than the record breaker yasemin dalkılıç (40 minutes). to put them in the washbasin and to drain is vain. cockroaches can live for one month without feed. however you can’t follow the rule not to leave any food in the open for one month in your kitchen. they are resistant to minus 32 degrees. even their smell sense is much improved to distinguish the guest from the household. they are the only creatures which have developed resistance against most of the insect sprays and are the only creatures that are resist against radioactivity, since 320 million years of their existence. the greatest hopes of the scientist are these insects, because it has been revealed that a chemical composition in the body of these miracle animals is effective against the aıds virus.
now, when you are entering your kitchen it is necessary to be in homage for one minute, before taking your house shoes in your hand.
(a quoted passage of the book “life between two bread slices” of Andrea And/ a.yazıcı)

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