Do you beat a record?

 do you beat a record?

do you ever think about, why peoples of which we are reading about on the third pages of the news papers or see them on interesting tv-shows, are struggling for fantastic records? for example there were four contestants, who tried to eat as soon as possible a plate of live worms. by leaving to run your life aside, how many years has someone to strive, to eject a slug of milk furthermost, with pressure out of the inner corner of the eye? 

how does someone get the idea to do like this? how much time a day has somebody to work, to try to pull cooked spaghetti out of his nose through his mouth? how many times has someone to fall off, to get whether he can ride a bike sitting reversed, to pedal and to play the violin at the same time?

why do they want to strain the resistance of their body, physic and biology in order to show their own rules? why do they choose such extraordinary lanes to prove themselves “skilfulness and success”? what wants the woman prove, by staying for one month in a room full with scorpions, to be bitten and to fall in coma just to be titled as “the queen of scorpions”? why is it so important to be the “best” and to strain the limits of the body?

ıs to be registered in the “guinness book of world records” may be a race of the souls, who wants to be immortal or is this a style of the human being, who leads copied lives, to say “ı am different”? 

do the peoples tear themselves for absurd records just to be “applauded” for the life that is full of monotone and a life that is free of trouble due to the civilisation?

there was a record example that made me think. ın november, a slovak swimmer named martin strel swam 10 hours a day in the parana river in argentina and was able to complete 1929 km in 24 days. the same swimmer swam in september in the mississippi river 3.800 km and has beaten his own record of 3.400 km long distance record… ıt is to understand that maybe the wish to be “applauded” is going to be an addiction!.

the wish to be “the best” can also not be settled with achieved doings!

ıf you had to choose a record branch, which one would you chosen?

what would change in your life and in your soul, if you could make the biggest sandwich of the world with a staff of 50 people and your name would register in the guinness book of world records?

think about, where you would be leaded with this applause that proves you as “the best”!

by the way, ı want to go and see who beaten the record as “the longest time live broadcast news announcer”. 

andrea and / a.yazıcı

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