Democrasy in The Republıc Of The Bees

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democrasy ın the republıc of the bees
for one pound of honey we are slugging down, the bees have to land 3 millions and 750 times on a flower. however for one kilo honey, 40 thousand bees have to circuit on 6 million flowers. to fill a honey-comb, they have to suck the nectarine of 100 millions of flowers and they have to flap their wings for 100 thousand kilometres. during this crazy work, they don’t need to turn and to control “is the other bee working as much as me?”. with the full trust to each other, they are just focused to their goals! …
ın a research about the bee’s world, it is explained that a computer performs 16 billions of arithmetic operations per second by specifying that, in the nature the competitor of the computer the honey-bees spends less energy in this period and have the capability to perform processes for 10 trillions.

that means there is still something that could be not discovered by bill gates on the miracle device, named computer which we are almost a slave of… well sir, let’s not digress.

for producing one kilograms of honey that has to market and to continue its life, a colony has to consume 8 kilograms honey. that means, the colony has to circuit 6 times around the world…

they are doing this job with heart and soul and there is by no means, a genetically transferred laziness!

to do mischief in the republic of the bees and to say “let me hide a few grams honey for myself”, no one was found so far who siphons the honeycomb! all of them start working with the sun’s ringing “get up!” and are going to rest with the ringing of the sun.

no of the bees said; “the lady queen will get the cream of the business and ı have to slave until my death” and he doesn’t intend to take his bundle to leave his association and honeycomb, to establish a new republic in a separated honeycomb! the bee wasn’t jealous against the honeycomb and didn’t haunt it.

the bee shall be capable to pull a weight that is 330 fold heavier then its own bodyweight. each cell of the hexagonal prism-shaped building is providing the basis for resistance of the honeycomb. therefore, a bee can carry comfortably many kilograms of weight. ın deed, the fittest shape to store maximum extent of honey by spending appropriate amount of wax is the construction of the hexagonal prism formed by the bees” approves the physicists. now let as apologies to the bees because of calling them “animals”. the animals has been established a system and without putting any mischief in their life, they are continuing this system since million years. the responsibility is hidden inside of it!

the bees don’t have any saying as “here is a pretty mess”! they don’t have to clean the mess of others by restricting their own life!…

do you ever know a bee that is biting another bee? ah, ah..

we should bear as a bee. however as a worker-bee!!!

(a quoted passage of the book “life between two bread slices” of a.yazıcı)

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